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Hillside Community Apartments is a premier rental community built, owned and operated by the A. Franchi Family, known for construction expertise and quality.  Our company has built and manages numerous senior living communities and healthcare facilities throughout Massachusetts and takes pride in superior workmanship and a strong commitment to the lives of all tenants.
We have worked hard to make Hillside 
apartments a place you'll want to live in.  Please visit and see for yourself!

Anthony Franchi, Sr.

The A. Franchi Family is dedicated to having Hillside Community Apartments be a desired residential address.  In order to accomplish this, we have a few requirements:

One Year Leases are required.
We are  No-Smoking Property
No pets are allowed.
No motorcycles, trucks, commercial vehicles or vans are allowed.
Proper decorum is encouraged to make the environment pleasant for all residents.

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